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Engaged? Don’t get married … yet!

Congratulations on your engagement! You just got engaged in the Engagement Season – from the U.S. Thanksgiving to February 14th Valentine’s Day. Now what?

What should you do now?

My advice is:

Absolutely nothing!

Now is the time to reflect on the energy of the love you share, bask in the glow of your forever commitment, and sit back and do absolutely nothing for at least a month.

This is the time to enjoy and celebrate the commitment you have just made with each other, celebrate with family, friends and not make any plans – yet.

Once you start making the wedding plans, your engagement takes on another life of its own. No longer are you obliviously happy – now you’re stressed to make sure there’s nothing you’re going to miss.

So, forget about it now. This is engagement celebration time – not pre-wedding preparation time.

Engagement time is your special time together to celebrate your love for each other, without having to make decisions about your future. Make love – enjoy each other – celebrate your incredible connection and be happy.

Here is a list of things you should do once you get engaged:

  1. Nothing.

  2. Before you post on social media, visit all the most important people in your life – parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins – tell them in person before it is exposed for the world on social media. They need to be able to express their excitement in real time – without the “I knew already” and faking the surprised announcement.

  3. Don’t plan when and where for at least a month – bask in the ever-loving glow of your new forever love commitment.

  4. Even after you are committed to the engagement, it isn’t even necessary to make plans – your engagement is your commitment to each other – whether a wedding happens is irrelevant – because your love and promise to each other happened at the proposal and that is as important as the vows at a wedding.

  5. And when you do get married … Rev.Claudia.

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