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F A Q 

I see you offer FUN weddings. Do you tell a lot of jokes?

I never use the word “joke” to describe what I do because I don’t tell jokes at your wedding. There’s a significant difference between humour and a joke. I love to laugh, and I’m sure you and your guests do too. However, I avoid “jokes” that can be told about any couple anywhere, anytime. Gender-based or honeymoon jokes, for example, are almost always cringe-inducing at best and offensive at worst.

Instead, I will incorporate humour into your ceremony by sharing a funny memory from your own story, such as your first impressions of each other, your first date, or your proposal. It will be something that you told me about, and I will find those lighthearted and contrasting occasions in your love story that make us laugh. I don’t tell jokes; I create a humourous atmosphere by finding the right moments to share.

Why don't you share the LOVE STORY before the ceremony?

I want to capture the moment when you hear, for the very first time, how your partner knew, “I’m going to marry this person, the love of my life!” while sharing it with your friends and family. I do this so guests and the photographer can experience your genuine reaction during the ceremony. I don’t want to deceive you, but rather create a moment that is worth the wait. 

How far will you travel for my wedding?

My fee covers all travel expenses, including the rehearsal if applicable, within a 50km radius of my Selkirk,, ON location. For distances beyond this range, I will charge $0.75/km. This amount will be added to your contract before signing, so you will know the full fee in advance. There will be no hidden or extra charges.

What if you’re sick or can't make it to the wedding?

That’s never happened.I have a team of skilled, licensed, and reliable colleagues who I trust to deliver an exceptional ceremony, just like I would. I will write your ceremony entirely, and if needed, one of my colleagues will step in and perform it seamlessly for me. 

What if our venue doesn't allow for a rehearsal? Do I need one?

I highly recommend and gently insist on a rehearsal if you book me for the Ultimate Kick!Ass Wedding Ceremony – that’s why it’s included in this service. If your venue is not available for a rehearsal, don’t worry! We just need a space where we can imagine a “front area” and practice walking down a mock aisle and standing in a line. Rehearsals have been done in various locations such as city parks, living rooms, condo party rooms, and restaurants. I want to do everything I can to ensure everyone is as relaxed as possible on your wedding day. A rehearsal, anywhere, goes a long way towards that!

Do you officiate last minute ceremonies?

Certainly! I've had a call in the morning, and the couple were married that afternoon. If you’re interested in having me officiate your last-minute wedding, please send me an email with the details, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request. Just make sure you have a valid, unexpired marriage licence.

Do you provide a contract? How and when do we pay?

If you decide to book me after our chemistry check meeting, I will send you a contract. Once you and your partner have reviewed, signed, and returned the contract, I will send you an invoice for the retainer to lock in your date. Balance will be due 2 weeks before the ceremony. Payment preferred by e-transfer. If it’s a last-minute wedding, the entire balance will be due by e-transfer or cash before the ceremony.

Do you register our marriage?

Firstly, I want to assure you that I am a licensed wedding officiant under the office of the Registrar of the Province of Ontario. You are responsible for applying for your Wedding License. After your wedding, I will handle the legal aspects and register your marriage with the Registrar’s office. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you all along the way.

What is your cancellation policy?

I recognize that life isn’t always perfect and there are times when things change and you would like some reassurance that if you need to cancel, you can do so in writing up to 14 days before the wedding and get back anything you paid. After that, it is non-refundable. However, if “mandated” does not allow the ceremony to take place, you’ll get a full refund.

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